Upcoming Video: Sloppy Cops 3 – Nein Lives!

After a fun shoot we have the footage we need for the third installment of the Sloppy Cops series. We’ve really upped our game with this one and are doing our best to make the best video possible. A more detailed post about the creative process will be published when the video is finished being edited. Below are a few still’s I selected from the week shoot.

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Animated Short: Greg and Dave: Episode 1

To try something new, I decided to delve into basic animation. Check it out! More info about the creative process below.

After having this script on the back burner since May 2019 I started making some simple sprites of sheep and experimented with methods of animating speech. This project got progressively more complicated as I kept improving and changing things. I learned a lot in the process and that should make future episodes less tedious to produce.

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Short Film: The Perfectionist

Here is a little video I’ve made recently. More info on the creative process below.

After being bogged down with a quite complicated video I decided to take on a more manageable small project first. I’ve had this idea on paper for a long time now with a few ideas on how I could represent the frustration of using a typewriter when you are accustomed to spellcheck and the good ol’ backspace key. The exercise gave me an opportunity to try out a few different filming methods and quick effective edits.

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Video: How-To-Cook : Cereal @thedrewdrewshow

Here’s a video I made taking a jab at “how-to” videos. More info below.

After noticing a trend in unnecessary “how-to” and DIY videos popping up on my youtube and Instagram feed I decided to take a shot at it myself. I find the formulaic, repetitive and low effort nature of these videos insulting, especially when they keep being recommended to me. Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of well made and actually helpful “how-to” videos out there, but there are far too many superfluous videos being produced every day. In this video, I try to replicate and exaggerate the lazy and boring content of these videos satirically. I thought to myself; what is a simple recipe that really doesn’t need its own tutorial video? Cereal!

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VIDEO: and the boys.

This one-taker was made with my friends in Bermuda. Through clever sneaking around and the calculated camera pans we were able to achieve this simple trick video. There was no editing or other manipulation involved. Astonishingly we managed to wrack up 21,000+ views on youtube with this short.

Camera: iPhone
Shooting Location: Bermuda

VIDEO: the best flat ever. -Unofficial Trailer

While hanging out on a sunny afternoon, Andi riffs and improvises a theme song for a project we were just beginning to brainstorm. Our flatshare in Kassel gave us many ideas for episodes of a quirky miniseries called “the best flat ever.”. Although we never realized this project, I’d still very much like to retry producing this series.

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