Video: How-To-Cook : Cereal @thedrewdrewshow

Here’s a video I made taking a jab at “how-to” videos. More info below.

After noticing a trend in unnecessary “how-to” and DIY videos popping up on my youtube and Instagram feed I decided to take a shot at it myself. I find the formulaic, repetitive and low effort nature of these videos insulting, especially when they keep being recommended to me. Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of well made and actually helpful “how-to” videos out there, but there are far too many superfluous videos being produced every day. In this video, I try to replicate and exaggerate the lazy and boring content of these videos satirically. I thought to myself; what is a simple recipe that really doesn’t need its own tutorial video? Cereal!

To begin I decided to mimic the tactic of shoehorning a personal anecdote by explaining it was a family recipe passed down to me by my mom and added the touch of including the dictionary definition of cereal. After watching a few of these videos I realized I needed some light, upbeat, and cheesy music to mask the lack of content being shown. I quickly found a fitting cheery song and began experimenting with some voice over. Originally I wasn’t planning on having live narration over the video but decided to try improvising a few voices and lines over the edited footage. After a few different takes, I went with the “Drew Drew Show” persona. “The Drew Drew Show” sounded silly enough for my video but was still a plausible name for an unironic channel. The soft-spoken voice I chose was fitting to the musical choice and felt representative of the content.

I wanted to practice making a video with quick, snappy edits similar to Edgar Wright’s iconic fast edits. I first tried to integrate this kind of edit in a scene of my short film “Sloppy Cops 2” when the captain makes a rushed cup of coffee. I’m happy with the way this edit turned out and that the video stayed short. I briefly considered stretching out the length of this simple video to be exactly 10 minutes and 1 second to mirror many YouTubers’ habit of trying to squeeze two mid-roll ads in their videos, but that would have been overkill and not that funny.

When choosing the font I looked for a bubbly animated font to really distract from the written words. When describing the ingredients and their respective measurements I researched as many different units of measurement as possible as a little side-gag. At the end of the video, I included the mandatory “share and like” plead in comic sans, of course.

When creating the thumbnail I tried to make it as clickbaity and tacky as possible. I still don’t understand what exactly the “100” emoji is for or what it means, but I saw it in a lot clickbait videos.

Video’s clickbaity thumbnail.

One of my worries is that people will see the thumbnail and just assume it’s an unironic video and not click it, but there isn’t much I can do about that.

Finally, I was able to premiere the new Toasty Tater Show intro in this video. Since the channel has toast in the name, I decided to record my toaster and myself having a sip of coffee to splice in. After trying out a few transitions I went with the sudden light fade since it imitated a toaster finishing nicely. The Toasty Tater Logo was made by my brother Andreas.

Funnily enough, I recently noticed that my video has been posted to a website called as a legitimate recipe video. This is most likely just a badly made bot that mistook my video for being real.

Video Editing Software: Vegas Pro 14
Camera: Sony HDR-CX405
Audio Editing and Capture: Audacity
Thumbnail Design: Adobe Photoshop
Shooting Location: Kassel, Germany

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