VIDEO: the best flat ever. -Unofficial Trailer

While hanging out on a sunny afternoon, Andi riffs and improvises a theme song for a project we were just beginning to brainstorm. Our flatshare in Kassel gave us many ideas for episodes of a quirky miniseries called “the best flat ever.”. Although we never realized this project, I’d still very much like to retry producing this series.

By simply splicing in real footage of the flatshare memories and some B-Roll I had collecting dust on a hard drive I was able to create this simple trailer. I don’t know why the camera was so shaky in the tunnel shot, but I think I was trying to make imitate walking, which I now regret.
We did some character sheets and started writing some scripts after this video, but never finished our work unfortunately.

Video Editing Software: Vegas Pro 14
Camera: Praktica DVC 5.4 HD-Camcorder
Audio Capture: Camera Audio
Shooting Location: Kassel, Germany

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